About the photographer

Günther Schubert is a unit stills or also known as motion picture stills photographer based in Cape Town, South-Africa. Günther is available to travel globally for shoots, depending on his availability. Unit stills photographers play a huge role in the production of feature films and television shows. The images are used to create publicity and press for feature films and television shows.


It contributes to the success of a film or television show as it creates and sets the mood of the film before it is actually released. Unit Stills Photographers are usually hired by the producers, film public relations companies, film sales agents or the actual distributors. The unit stills photographer is much more than just the set photographer.


The photographer will capture the entire filming process including travel locations, setups, behind the scenes and also the actual acting. The period of which the photographer is hired depends on the size of the shoot and the budget of the production.


Most personalities will include a “kill” factor in their contract, where they may approve/decline the images used to create publicity and press. The “kill” factor will depend on the individual personality that was photographed.


The photographer will be as close to the camera filming as possible to get the same type of frame of shot as the moving camera crew. With experience in working with live television- and recorded television crew, Günther understands the importance of getting the important shots done, without interrupting the filming process and staying out of the way while crew members are busy filming and setting up.


He understands the importance of everyone working on set and will always do his best to stay out of the way of crew members.